2019 Jeep Cherokee - Abrupt Acceleration

came to red light in heavy traffic.try to go car wont go into gear im inching along but rpms are going going going.all of a sudden it decides to go into gear slammed on brakes just in time to avoid collision.was nearly rear ended. nearly had heart attack.it happened 3 different times before i could get home.dealer all but called me a liar.said nothing wrong with car

Your car is still under warranty. If the dealership won’t take a look at it, I would try another dealership. If there isn’t one close by, follow the procedure in your owners manual to escalate the complaint


Do you apply the brake with your left foot?

If you do and apply the gas, the car will essentially refuse to accelerate until you remove your foot from the brake. My bro-in-law had this issue with two Ram trucks - same manufacturer, Chrysler. There is no fix for this and it will not show up as an error code in the car’s computer.


That is fascinating…probably litigation related.

Maybe. Chrysler’s not the only manufacturer who does this. My Ford has this, too. It isn’t so aggressive as the issue my BIL had with his truck. Seems a logical thing to do from a design engineer’s viewpoint.

I thing @Mustangman has a great question - do you use your left foot to brake?


no I do not use left foot to brake.im going to take it further because it really scared me.i just don’t know where to go next

First, take it into your dealer, have them check it out, and give you a report in writing. You need everything in writing in case you need to pursue a ‘lemon law’ case.

Can you duplicate the problem, or is it intermittent? If you can duplicate it, take one of their mechanics on a drive a show them. If it’s intermittent, try to find out what situation causes it, then bring it back again. Also, find the phone number in your owners manual to elevate the problem.

Finally, find out what is needed in your state to pursue a lemon law claim. Google ‘lemon law yourstate’.

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Could be the wonderful stop/start feature depending on what you were doing with your feet. You might have confused it. Brake on, no movement, engine will shut off. Hit gas pedal, engine will start again. Really hit the gas, and car will leap forward when it starts. I rented a Jeep and it drove me nuts.

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Bing , you may have just found the problem . @gertieogles if you have the Start/Stop feature look in the manual how to turn it off and see if the problem goes away.

It sounds like the transmission was slipping, and then suddenly engaged.


Good ideas above. At this point I’m guessing toward a transmission problem also. Check the transmission fluid level for starters. Good idea however for OP to get out a flashlight & take a close look at the brake and accel pedal area to see if there’s something unusual looking down there, spring hanging loose, something on the floor that fell off, something interfering with pedal movement, etc.

This is a new car, under warranty. Have the dealer do all the checking.


Heh heh, on a Jeep you can’t turn it off. But it won’t work if the hood is adjar, or it thinks the hood is adjar-hint hint.

But the OP said the engine was revving, then the trans engaged abruptly…

Yeah I dunno. Hard to say what he meant by rpms going, going, going. Going up or going down? OP said car not in gear but it always was in gear at the stop light. So who knows but if it is already in first gear, how would it slam into gear? So slipping and then engages? Maybe but the dealer couldn’t find anything. Time for a ride along maybe. Just saying that start/stop can be confusing until you realize what it’s doing and read the manual.

I know it is a transmission problem.what I said,i was at red light.tried to take off when light changed.gear would not engage ,very slowly easing off,meantime engine was reving up as if I had foot on gas which I did not.all of a sudden it went into gear and jerked ahead.it did this same thing 3 times that day and 2 times since then. and no you cannot check transmission fluid on the newer jeeps.thank you Gertie ogles

Just to be sure, you’re not shifting into neutral at the light, are you?

of course not.this was a busy intersection.but this is not an isolated incident.it happened 4 times before I took it in to dealer and once on way home from dealer.its not showing a code so as far as they are concerned im just a paranoid liar

I agree and if it has the 3.6 Pentastar V6 in it the throttle on that engine is wicked touchy .We have it in our 14 minivan which does not have stop/start and I hate how touchy it is . I would be hitting that on off button for that feATure everytime I started the car . I know in a Durango which is basically the same car there is a button on the dash to turn the feature off so I would think Jeep GC wouold have the same thing .