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2019 Hyundai Santa Fe - TPMS Light

Tire Pressure popped up with a picture of a car pointing to the tires

If you read your owners manual it will tell you that symbol means one of your tires is low on pressure. It will also tell you where to look for the sticker that tells you how much air pressure you should have.

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Is your tire pressure correct or not?

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Yes, but I want to amend your statement to read as…
One or more of your tires is low on pressure.

If the OP lives in a region where the ambient temperature has been plummeting, then it is a foregone conclusion that the tires will lose pressure. If the OP doesn’t know how to check her tire pressure, and/or how to reinflate them, then I would suggest that she enlist the help of a friend, relative, or neighbor who is more knowledgeable.


Yep. We get these questions a lot as winter approaches.

And, each time that we get one of these questions, I have to wonder if the OP ever previously owned a car. At the very least, he/she should be thankful for the technology that alerted him/her to a low tire pressure situation.

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I think most people still aren’t aware of the relationship between temperature and pressure. Which is an indictment not only of our drivers, but of our general science aptitude as a nation.

For a long time it didn’t matter because there were service station attendants and they would check your tire pressure for you. Then we entered the malaise years of boxy underpowered econojunk cars and self-serve gas. Now we have cars that look futuristic (mostly) and that can monitor themselves.

It’s the dawn of a new age of tire awareness! If only people knew about that symbol. :wink:

… but we still have people who are clueless about the basic laws of Physics, and who refuse to open their glove box, retrieve the Owner’s Manual, and actually read the content therein that is relevant to their current problem.

I checked my tire pressure today. I pushed the button to see what it said. They’ve lost a pound or two due to the cold weather but nothing serious yet.

Hopefully the only thing that’s required for this is to pump up all the tires to the correct pressure. If that doesn’t turn the warning message off (after a few drive cycles) then post back.