2017 Hyundai Elantra - new tires need air?

2017 Hyundai elantra. My tires are brand new and my light on. A nice guy stopped and I asked him which one needed air. He said none because they are brand new tires and if you put air in them they will pop

Ok , I am going to take this as an actual statement . I just don’t know what kind of an Idiot the guy is.
Florence , all tires will lose pressure over time that is why your vehicle has the warning system. Get to a tire shop and also learn to use a tire pressure gauge. Also You Tube has thousands of videos that show how to use the self service air stations.


The low tire indicator came on for a reason. One of the tires is lower than the rest, all the tires are low, or one or more of the sending units in the tires is bad, which is unlikely. Trust your car and your instincts, not some “nice guy.” If you’re unsure, most shops will check your tires for you but it’s really not hard and it’s a useful thing to know how to do.


What is the pressure in each tire? We can’t help you without that information.

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He may well have been “nice”, but he gave you very bad–and potentially dangerous–advice.

If you are unable to check the tire pressure yourself, then ask a friend, neighbor, or relative to do it for you. Continuing to drive with one–or more–tires that are “low” on inflation pressure has the potential to strand you somewhere, or to cause you to lose control of the vehicle and have an accident.

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Go back to where they sold you the tires and get them checked.

Page 6-9 of your Owner’s Manual explains the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). It displays the pressure of each tire and you can compare the readings to the door sticker.

Also if you had new tires installed the TPMS will have to be reset. Several times I’ve had to remind an installer to do this.

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I have to wonder if the OP has ever read her Owner’s Manual.