2019 Hyundai Genesis - Vibration problems

same problem, 2015 Hyundai Genesis 3.8 Tech, and new 2019 Genesis 5.0 … both have the vibration problem

Why start a post with “same problem”?
State the problem your vehicle is having. All you have posted is your vehicle, which should still be covered by the warranty, has developed some sort of unspecified vibration.


Vibration from…
the engine…
or from the suspension…
or… ?

While it is undoubtedly too late for your 2015 Genesis, the 2019 model may still be covered by warranty. If the dealership is unable or unwilling to help you, a phone call to the Hyundai corporate folks may yield a fix for your mystery vibration problem.

OP reads like the middle of a thread…


… or that the OP thinks that we are mind-readers…


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I knew you’d say that. :wink:


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I missed that the OP listed his vehicle first as a 2019 then as a 2015. Now, which is correct? After possibly six years, driving an unknown number of miles, could be one or more causes for an unspecified vibration.
In as much as this was posted in the “Ask Someone” category, we are unlikely to get a response from the OP.

We may never know for sure, but I think he is telling us that he owns both a 2015 Genesis with a vibration problem and a 2019 Genesis with the same problem.


maybe they both just needed wheel balancing.

He hasn’t yet told us what repairs–if any–have been attempted on both cars.

Maybe her other job was the town psychic.

… or, more likely, the town psychotic


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OP purchased a 2019 after experiencing an annoying vibration problem on a 2015 on the same vehicle? hmmmm … maybe OP can explain the motivation for the 2019 purchase?

Isn’t that an intriguing question!

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