2019 Honda HR-V - Sun visor hard to move

Sun visor does cover the window, also too difficult to move

OK, thanks for that. See your dealer, this thing is still under warranty.

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Do you mean it doesn’t cover the window? As in it’s too small/not long enough? Didn’t you check that out before you bought it? My wife refused to buy a Chevy because the visor partially covered the rear view mirror. Anyway, they might be a tad stiff on a new car to compensate for future wear.

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Has it always been hard to move or was it once okay and has become hard to move? Has it physically changed, such as splitting along a seam (common in 2006 Civics and similar models)?

Which axis is hard to move, flipping up and down over the windshield or pivoting from windshield to side window (or both).

I’m not familiar with your model, but some visors have a sliding panel that extends from their end.