2018 Honda CR-V - Visor lube didn't help

Since new, the drivers side visor will not close up completely and is difficult to move, even after dry lubricant applied. I read where someone had the same problem and the dealer replaced the visor but the problem returned. Any suggestions out there?

Did you not have this looked at while you still had warranty coverage ? Your only recourse now is to buy a new visor.

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I had similar problem on my Corolla one time. Discovered the internal wire-frame that supports the visor’s covering was broken. In my case I removed the covering, fixed the wire-frame support, and restored the covering, diy’er project. If you try that, remove the visor from the car, and do the repair job on the bench. Time consuming approach, better bet is to purchase a new or used visor.

Wire frame broke b/c lube dried out, so now I make sure to apply a little lube a couple times a year. I use a dash white grease. Some friction is required. You don’t want it to be so well lubed the visor won’t stay up.

To close it all the way try unhooking it from the clip, then push it up and then lock it in the clip.