2018 Honda CR-V - sticky driver’s side sun visor

I own a 2018 Honda CVR with 16,726 miles. The driver side sun visor has started sticking, very hard to pull down and makes a loud rubbing noise. This should be covered under warranty, I hope! (3 year/30,000 miles). This never happened in any other car I’ve owned, what could have caused this?

This is not worth worrying about. Surely you have seen other things in your life that did not work or last as long as they should. When thousands of something are mass produced their will be a small percentage of them that might be out of spec .

I can’t give you the official answer, but a dealership can.
Take it to the dealership when it is convenient–but obviously before the expiration of the 3/30 warranty–and ask them to resolve the problem.

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