2019 Honda HR-V - Hatch trouble

Trunk very hard to open. Or does not open at all. Brought to the Honda dealer (Schaller Honda in New Britain, CT) several times. Technician said “here, you just do this and it opens”. However, when I “do this” it doesn’t open. Something is odd with the latch and the button on the key fob doesn’t seem to have any impact on opening. I have had 3 Hondas in many years and never had this kind of problem. I am really sorry that I bought the little bugger. I am a handicapped senior citizen (aka old lady) and standing in the supermarket parking lot with a cart full of groceries in this very cold November weather trying to open the trunk is beyond aggravating. Two men also tried (yesterday 11/11) with no luck. Help.

Whenever a dealership is unwilling or unable to fix a warranty-related problem with a new car, it is time to contact the vehicle manufacturer/importer at the corporate level. Contact info (including a toll-free phone number) can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

Be firm, but polite, with your request for assistance, and never say something like “I will never again buy one of your cars”, because that may reduce their motivation to help you. In cases like yours, it is often possible to get an appointment with the Regional Service Supervisor the next time that he/she visits the dealership. Those folks can usually “motivate” a recalcitrant dealership to help you.

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