2019 Honda CR-V - Battery drain

Battery drain. We have a 2019 with 5200 miles and the battery went dead after two years. Service person gave the same excuse, drive it more, or we haven’t had anyone have that kind of issue. We are looking for another vehicle now. (Not a Honda). We have a 2015 Pilot and love it. Less electronics and not issues after 6 years and 46000 miles.
P.S. A battery with a three year warranty cost $200 dollars.

5200 miles in two years. Sounds like you are not driving it enough. Get a battery tender to maintain the battery.



What @Purebred said. In this case, the “excuse” appears to be valid. This is also a bad time to buy a new vehicle. If the CR-V meets your needs, I would keep it. Any vehicle will have battery problems if driven so little.

The car is not the problem. The problem is what was mentioned; your driving habits or lack of driving. This will happen with any car used very little.

As for less electronics; that is not gonna happen and the electronics are not the problem either.


If it isn’t possible to connect a battery tender , for example you aren’t allowed to run anything with wires to the car, you can always just remove the battery and charge it overnight with an ordinary battery charger once in a while. That seems a lot easier than buying another car.

I have the same car with similar habits.
Every 2 weeks I take it out for a 30 min
drive on the highway. No dead battery.


It appears the Pilot gets driven about 3 times as much as the CR-V. That may explain the longer battery life.

$200 for a battery is on the high side but not out of the ballpark.

$200 for a 3yr warranty battery is what I’m seeing from Autozone, Costco has interstate with a 3yr warranty for around $100, Dad basically buys everything he can from Costco so that’s the route he’d go if needed. So far his 2019 CRV hasn’t needed a new battery but he drives almost 5,000mi a year and has a battery tender in the garage if he really needs it.