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2012 Honda CR-V - Battery life?

I’m told by my Honda dealer that 5 years is the normal, average, etc. life of the battery in a 2012 CR-V. Is that so or are they just selling me a new battery without checking the original one.? The original one failed to start the car last night . I think the lights were left on for almost 2 hours.

Yes. In some areas - the hot south - it is less, far less.

Old battery, left lights on, you killed any remaining life the battery had.


Thanks. I forgot to mention that only 23000 miles were achieved as of this week but I’m told it’s time more than mileage that matters. We are in a mid-Atlantic climate (Virginia).

Mileage only matters if it is very low, not high. You are flirting with low miles. The battery loses charge just sitting and the car draws a little charge as it sits so driving the car is required to keep the battery charged. 5 years life is about right for VA.

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I consider replacing a battery at 3-4 years as preventative maintenance.
You do not need to use your dealer for a battery, you can shop around. I happen to use my dealer when possible, but wait for sales or rebates.
Have also purchased batteries from ‘big box’ stores that worked just as well.

Five years is a reasonable average. I suggest replacing your battery now before you get stranded somewhere.

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Thanks. Did it today. Dealership battery cheaper than Auto Zone.

Thanks. Replaced it today. Dealership battery cheaper than Auto Zone plus got a free multi-point inspection.

That’s interesting.

Do you have the specs for both the battery you purchased from the dealer, and the specs for the Autozone battery you were comparing it against?
[eg: battery type (agm or gel), CCA, CA, Reserve Capacity]


Five years? I only got three years with my Acura/Honda battery and left me stranded.

Thanks for the answer. I think you are right. I don’t think the 2 batteries I was offered are comparable. Things like length of warranty differ.

From what I can find the Honda battery is around 130.00 for 500cca. The duralast gold with the same cca would be $160.00 at AutoZone.

My dad thought the dealership was trying to sell him a battery for his 2007 crv at about the same age. When it wouldn’t start one afternoon in town he bought a new one from Costco for about $80 at the time.

Thanks. I got a new one at the Honda dealer’s.

I live in the deep South (across from Miami). Batteries don’t last long here. I had a new 1999 Volvo that took 3 batteries in 3 years.
A 2008 Honda Pilot was almost three years old and getting an oil change at the dealer (good price). They left the door open and the battery died. A new one was free with a label that said 10 year warranty. My warranty was only for the remainder of the 36 month new car warranty.
Sometimes dealerships are competitive on oil changes, batteries and brakes.

Use my dealer 99% of the time. Just watch for rebates and sales. I use the manufacturers credit card to get max financial benefits, but that is the only use for the card and I pay it off immediately.

Since the battery wouldn’t start the car, yeah, you did the right thing by replacing it.

But as a general word of caution to anyone reading this thread, I have yet to take my car to a Honda/Acura dealership and not have them tell me my battery needs replacement. They must be looking for 20 volts or something on the multimeter, because they’ve told me that even when it’s putting out nearly 13v at rest, and it went on to last me several more years.

Some dealerships are very bad about up selling. Whereas the dealership I use has been reluctant to sell me a new battery on two occasions, but did so. Florida is rough on batteries.