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2019 Honda CR-V loses juice every few days

I have a 2019 Honda CR-V that has an issue, if I don’t drive it for 4-5 days, of not starting and needs a jump. There was a software update that was installed by the dealer but the problem persists. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the battery but other than that said everything checks out. I was told to buy a trickle charger or go and start the car every couple of days to keep the battery charged.

I was also told that the Honda Pilot doesn’t have this issue because the battery is bigger. I escalated to a Honda rep who basically told me the same thing that these new cars have more electronics that draw amps even when off and that dealer did not find any issues. A bigger battery might not be a solution because of the tight fitting battery compartment.

Am I right that Honda screwed up when engineering this model or should I go out every few days and feed my car some electrical juice?

How far do you drive it on a weekly basis? You may not be driving it enough to keep the battery charged.

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That is correct.

If the OP starts the engine, drives 2 or 3 miles for an errand, shuts the engine off, then restarts it to drive home for 2 or 3 miles, this will not be sufficient driving every 4 or 5 days to keep the battery charged, especially in light of the constant current draw when the engine is shut off.

Can you describe your driving patterns on the days when you use the vehicle?

whoever told you that is an idiot and a lazy bum . . . I don’t care it was the shop foreman or the service manager

A car should be able to sit for 4 - 5 days without needing a jump or a trickle charger

Your car should still be covered under new car warranty . . . unless you’ve already exceeded the mileage limit for the warranty

You’ve obviously got either a current draw . . . or some module is waking up, not going to sleep, or so on

All that means is they haven’t . . . yet . . . found the cause of the problem

Either keep escalating it up the chain . . . keep immaculate records . . . or go to a different dealer

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I agree, do they have all the ones on their lot on trickle chargers, ar cruise the lot starting every CRV? Also curious how many miles are driven per week, as that could be a factor.

I had the same problem with 2009 crv it was the aircon relay staying closed and drawing 3.5amps.
You need to do a parasitic draw test get a 20amp multi meter. turn to amps make sure everything turned off .Close all doors remove neg cable from battery put meter between battery and neg cable. If it reads more than 0.5 to 1milliamp. something is draining battery. Start by tapping relays one at a time if amps drop that relay it probably faulty, or remove fuses one at a time if amps drop that the circuit that’s faulty, lots of videos on you tube.

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The OP has still not revealed how many miles he drives each week, and how many start/stop/start cycles are involved in those drives.

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I am a 2007 CR-V owner, the original owner this electrical problem started three weeks ago the car was driven to Walmart and parked for about 20 minutes when we tried to re start the car the battery acted like it was dead, jump started the car took it to Walmart auto center they checked it out said it needed a new battery, so they installed a new battery two days later the car won’t star it is dead again. This cycle continues about two-three days since! I have had it to the Honda dealer and my mechanic and they both say there is no problem, with battery or the alternator or a short! the car is driven at least 25 to 35 miles a day.

My 03 TB, 2 5 mile trips per day, left it at the cabins for 8 weeks no problem, as said earlier if this was normal there would be a lot of crv’s on the lot with dead batteries.

You clearly drive your car enough to keep the battery charged

Find a better mechanic to diagnose and repair your car

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Thanks I am going to take it to a mechanic the does strickly electrial!