2018 Honda CR-V - Won't hold a charge

dead battery, wont hold charge

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time for a new battery. also you might be interested in this…
Honda’s Underpowered Battery is Subject to Parasitic Drains (hondaproblems.com)

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you might still be covered under honda warranty.

warranty (honda.com)

A new battery is in order. The issue is why did it go dead so soon? Are you driving the car regularly, and for how many miles at a time? Changes in driving habits due to COVID has resulted in many batteries dying premature deaths. A battery maintainer is a good way to prevent this. bad alternator could also be the culprit (not likely in a car so new, but possible) or a parasitic draw.

Go to safercar.gov and click on “recalls”. Search for a 2018 Honda CRV and then click on manufacturers communications and then the electrical system filter. The bulletin you want is APaS04162019902. It provides battery numbers that failed prematurely. Yours might be one. If it is, you might want a Honda dealer to replace it and hope that American Honda Corp. will replace it for free or at a reduced cost.

Excellent comments above. A 3 year lifespan for a car battery is unusual here in mild-climate San Jose. But if you live in an area that gets really warm, New Orleans, Tampa etc, batteries often don’t last as long. 3 years lifespan there wouldn’t be unusual.

Our 2016 battery died after 4 years. I learned later that there is a specific battery for Hondas in Canada that lasts longer because it has greater electrical capacity generally. I found out only after getting a replacement battery that was the US spec, and was talking with the guy at Costco when the subject came up. They actually stocked the Canada model at the Costco in California.

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