1992 Honda Accord

My old Accord, with approx 200k miles on it, will not start when the weather gets warm, like 70 or above. I have been told it is probably the main sensor since they tend to get heat sensative when they age. The sensors are not very expensive but how the heck do you get to it? It looks like, from illustrations I’ve seen,to be way up under the dashboard near the steering column?

I suspect you’re talking about the relay. We have some Honda guys here that can probably give some good advice. The term “sensor” rather than relay may have confused some folks.

This article is good >>> http://autorepair.about.com/cs/troubleshooting/l/aa010301a.htm

Its just under the dash panel under the steering wheel. You have to remove the lower drivers side dash panel and then take a look. Helps to have the new one so you know what you are looking for.