2019 GMC Terrain - Noise in reverse

noice when backing up.

I make noises when getting up.


Is the noise a “beep, beep, beep”??


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If you would like help with something and expect a real answer, then you need to start with a real question with real details…

I know my crystal ball is out of order at this time, sorry…


What type of noise? (squeek, tap, bang… ?)
Where is the noise emanating from? (front, rear, underneath, inside… ?)
When you hear the noise, are you braking, hitting the gas, or rolling in neutral?


I don’t recall ever having this problem in my 50+ years of driving. If I did, the first thing I’d check is if some debris of some kind is hanging from the underside of the vehicle, esp if just behind a wheel. That might not cause a noise going forward, debris would move away from wheel, but when going backward could cause the debris to rub on the wheel.

OP, suggest to tell us more about your engine/transmission/FWD/AWD/4WD configuration.

If you think it is from the drive train, is your vehicle still under warranty?

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