2018 Ford E150 - Paint chips

Paint chips various areas. My guess is due to aluminum body.

I’m not aware of tendency for paint to chip more w/aluminum body, but such a thing could happen I suppose. Paint chips generally best solved either by ignoring, or matching touch up paint.

My brother also has a 2018 f150 that has the same problem with chipping paint.What do you mean its happening by me ignoring the problem? And yes I am very aware of what touch up paint is for.That doesnt excuse the fact its happening.

George does not have a clue about vehicle paint. I think he is saying that a person can just ignore the paint chipping . That is ridiculous as you would not post about the problem in the first place . Have you contacted Ford corporate ? There are contact numbers in your owners manual if the local dealer does not what to do .

A class action lawsuit for the aluminum panel/peeling paint problem was denied earlier this year, however there may be a warranty extension for your model year.

OP, is your truck’s paint chipping or peeling?

Look again at my prior post. A paint problem isn’t a problem at all, if you just ignore it. If you choose that path, good idea to wax the areas where the paint isn’t as well as where the paint is. If ignoring isn’t your cup of tea, from the post above you may eventually get some help from Ford; but hard to say w/any certainty.

My guess is lots of highway driving. Touch them up with matching auto touch up paint.

And, if there is any good news for the OP, it is that there won’t be any rust damage on the aluminum body as a result of the paint problem.

Who cares? It’s a pick up truck.

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At the cost of trucks these days I would be concerned about paint problems .

But aluminum does corrode and also oxidizes.

Lots of truck these days are luxury vehicles/status symbols. A King Ranch/Limited/Platinum F-150 will have just as many creature comforts as any Lincoln/Cadillac. If you’re throwing down $75k+ for a truck, you’re probably going to care about how it looks.


If someone is spending $75k on a pickup truck, their priorities are screwy.

Depends on what they want in a vehicle. $75k is about what you can expect to pay for a diesel F-350 with most of the stuff you’d want, but not every option box checked. If you had a 5th wheel travel trailer, you’d want something like that to tow it around with. And you go much higher than that if you want. I have an crew-cab F-150, and it’s the most practical vehicle I’ve ever owned. Granted mine wasn’t anywhere close to $75k, but I can see where if someone wanted a single vehicle that could do most anything, and wanted the comforts of a luxury car also, they’d put down the money for a high-spec pickup. In the early 2000’s when the crew-cab half-ton craze started in earnest, I had a single cab truck and didn’t get what all the hub-bub was about, Now I’m on my 2nd crew-cab truck and I get it. There’s a reason why these things are so popular.

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Interesting, I still think of them as work trucks for tradesmen.

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That has not been a fact for years .

A friend of mine got an occasional lift from co-workers who drove pickup trucks. Whenever he tried to put his work-related duffle bag in the cargo box of their trucks, they angrily informed him that NOTHING ever went into the cargo area of their trucks. I can understand them not wanting mulch or other messy things back there, but… a duffle bag??

In other words… their trucks were nothing more than a vanity vehicle for insecure people who could have driven a small sedan… if not for their insecurities.

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They are lucky I’m not in charge🙂.

Chipping can be caused by rocks, bugs, people in other vehicles opening doors into someoone else’s vehicle, and so on. That is not a factory defect nor is it warrantable.
Peeling paint might be possibly be.

I don’t know what to say about VDCdriver’s friend not wanting a duffle bag in the bed of his truck. Seems like a total waste of space and functionality to me. Guess they could hide it with a color matched, locking bed cover and remove the temptation.

Just to clarify, my friend was the one with the duffle bag, and HIS friends/co-workers were the ones with the trucks.
Just like you and me, he was mystified by their irate insistence that nothing should go into the truck’s bed.