2019 Ford Expedition - Infotainment slowdown

My expedition started taking longer to react on the touch screen. Changing the radio station would take 4 sec at times. The front sensors take longer to react to anything in front of them. The picture on the screen that lights up to let you see the yellow and red warning signs sometimes don’t show up at all. The beepers come on the the screen doesn’t show. Today the screen showed up but didn’t go off when I turned off the vehicle. It finally went off after about 4 to 5 min. Any ideas?

No clue but a 2019 should still be under warranty. You should have 36 mo./36k bumper-to-bumper so unless you have more than 36k on it take it to your Ford dealer.

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Like Dave says, get it in to your dealership. Get a report and keep the copy each time you take it in. This may give you leverage to get it fixed beyond your 36/36000 warranty if they don’t fix it on the first visit.