2017 Ford Explorer - Navigation Display Freezes

2017 Ford Explorer Platinum Navigation and Display console freezes up. When connected to an iPhone it cannot pick-up the current location and default to the house. The console freezes up with a blackscreen or locked screen. When the screen is locked it seems to have a 7-15 sec lag in registering the finger inputs. Dealer claims it is not covered by warranty and they cannot duplicate the issue. We deal with the screen issue every time we drive.
Any one else have this issue?

What if they did? You certainly have it and you deserve to have it fixed. The SUV is under warranty - bumper-to-bumper for 3 years and 36,000 miles. Bumper-to-bumper means EVERYthing except wear items. If you dealer won’t address it, take it to another Ford dealer, then take it to the Ford zone rep, then call a lawyer. You paid for everything to function on the car, insist upon it.

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I’m sure some have. Other than that I completely agree with Mustangman. You have a warranty make sure it gets used.

You say it happens every time. So take it back and show them.

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How new of an iPhone, is your navigation system compatible with it ?

Bingo! They said they couldn’t duplicate the problem, so go and show them. However, if you didn’t have them use your phone, the problem is likely the phone. Have you tried a different one?