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2019 Ford Escape - keep hitting my head on the lift gate

2019 Escape hatchback, lift gate does no raise fast enough , keep hitting head !

So after the second time you still keep hitting your head ?


After you hit your head enough time’s you will earn to duck or wait for it to get all the way up.

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Patience is a virtue!


You could use the method a coworker of mine used. We were changing the sliding tandems on the trailer part of tractor trailers for license plate reasons. I would back a trailer into the shop and he would swing the ICC bar up and chain it, pull the handle that released the 4 pins that held the tandem unit and go under the trailer to disconnect the light cord and air lines.he would then roll a large electro/hydraulic jack under the trailer and pick the trailer up off the wheels.

I would the take an electric walk behind fork lift and take out the tandem unit and replace it with one with a different state or province plate.

The trouble was, even doing this every day, he hit his head EVERY time he went under it. He asked for a hard hat and the company wouldn’t provide it. The pointed out the the guys on the other two shifts and the weekends were not hitting their heads more than once.

He went out and bought his own hard hat but that gave hin a different problem. there was an old car bench seat the he would sit on when I went to get another trailer. When he sat down, he would take off his hard hat and stuff his work gloves into the hard hat so he wouldn’t lose them. When he put the trailer back down he didn’t trust that the pins that locked the tandem frame to the hokes in the trailer subframe had come through the holes by looking, he felt each pin with the index finger of his work glove.

Did I mention the a mechanic was greasing the frame and pins of each tandem unit before it was put on another trailer? He could not figure out why his hair was getting so dirty!!!
People sometime think I make up my stories about working at that company. My imagination is not that good.

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My dad used to tell me “go bang your head against a wall, it’ll feel really good when you stop”.:slightly_smiling_face:


Depending on the specific model it’s possible the pneumatic supports already need to be replaced. New ones might raise the liftgate higher/more quickly. If you can push the liftgate higher after it opens as much as it’s going to that might be a symptom. The Mrs. used to drive a Jeep and the rear window sagged a bit when it was open. I came close to scalping myself on it a number of times. If weak supports aren’t the problem you’ll just have to learn to be patient.

I don’t think the car is the problem.