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Hinge came off on liftgate glass

I have a 05 Escape. The hinge on the liftgate glass has come off from the glass on one side. Don’t know if it is broken or can be screwed back in. Can you suggest what can be done. or will have to replace whole glass? Went to a mechanic shop and he suggested to go to Auto One. I am thinking they might suggest to replace the glass, so wanted to check if there is any alternative. Thanks in advance. I have attached the image. Hope you are able to see it!. Thanks again.

It looks like the screw/bolt broke, so you might have to replace the hinge if you can’t get the broken part out of the hinge. If you can, it may just need a new screw/bolt. The glass looks fine. Make sure you secure the window with some tape until it’s fixed.

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My guess is that they’ll simply scrape the old adhesive off the glass and use a new bolt in combination with new adhesive. If it were mine I’d get a “grade 8” bolt. They’re about the strongest available to the consumer market.

The glass is intact, looks like just the hinge is broken. Check out this video and see if that matches your car. If it does, buy 2 new hinges and replace them

Thanks for quick feedback. I will look at the video too, looks like these are later version of hinges. I will try to secure the glass until it is fixed. If I apply duck tape will it easily come off when need be? Thanks again.

Duct tape can leave a lot of adhesive, if you can keep it in a garage I might use a lot of masking tape, after I clean off the paint and glass.

Thanks for the reply. I have removed the screw to check out and looks like the washer that sits in the glass has completely worn out. Any idea do we get these washers when we buy the hinges? I checked some on Amazon and it does not show the washers (|54&Model=Escape|659&Year=2005|2005&ie=UTF8&n=15684181&newVehicle=1&s=automotive&vehicleId=1&vehicleType=automotive).

On ebay there are used hinges which are shown with this washer ( Let me know what you think and it appears both side hinges are due for replacement. Any suggestions which hinges to buy? The amazon one above good? the same one is $30 more at orielly’s.

Looks like lot of people have this issue! Couple of them have used workaround screws/bolts. Will that hold? Thanks,

I see no reason why not. Just be sure the threads in the hinge are cleared (“chase” them if you can borrow the proper “tap”… a dealer parts guy might be able to help, or if you have the old bolt you can get a replacement at a big-box store). Lowe’s has a good selection of metric bolts in grade 8.

I’d recommend also getting some thread lock compound, and making sure the bolt is or is cut to the proper length. Also, as the dealer parts guy for the torque value and, if you can borrow a torque wrench from someone, use the proper torque.

Or, even better, stop by an auto glass replacement store or and autobody shop and get a quote. I’ll bet it’ll be a whole lot less expensive than you imagine. They work with rear hatch hinge attachments all the time. They’ll probably be done before you finish your free cup of coffee.

For something like this I’d pay the $$ and get all the parts from the Ford dealer. Tighten the wrong part the wrong way, goodbye window!


Bolts that pass through glass usually have a shoulder that bottoms out on the other bracket. If a common bolt is used too much pressure may be applied to the glass and it will shatter. The new hinge package is not very expensive.

Excellent point, Nevada.
I retract my hardware store recommendation. A new shoulder bolt and rubbery bits from the dealer is the way to go.

Thanks for the feedback. I picked up few regular bolts slightly longer with some Neoprene washers, but the problem is there are no more threads on the hinge side hole. Also as mentioned the original bolt has a shoulder which sits on the washer, which for me has crumbled, leaving a large gap/hole in the glass, so this kind of fix is not going to work.
I will get a quote from AutoOne and checkout how much it is, else will buy a set from Amazon and try to do it at home. The video posted above seems doable, will need the tools though (ratchet torque wrench!) and the washer with shoulder.

I got a quote this morning. One suggested to bring the parts and he will replace it for 90. Other one asked for 250 to replace both with his parts. Looks like the first one will be cheaper if I buy the parts, but again it should be doable at home then. What do you suggest? will have to get torque wrench and some other tools. Also can anybody confirm that the washer that sits on the glass is included in the hinge? (the one that the bolt with shoulder will sit on). Thanks!

Go for the $250 and have the shop replace it, less chance of breaking the glass or mis aligning the window.