2019 Subaru Forester - Tailgate

  1. Tailgate stopped working from buttons on dash or key fob. Mechanic replaced Power Lift Gate module, 63350SJ004. Now the lift gate opens from the dash if the engine is off and door open. It opens with very loud clunks that shake the entire car. This is not the way the car operated when I bought it at the end of January (Touring Model).

Why are you telling us? Tell your dealer. It was warranty work, it still is under warranty so have them fix it.


Did you use a mechanic other than your dealer? You may have voided the warranty on this vehicle.

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Just to clarify something, is this mechanic who replaced the module a mechanic for an authorized Subaru dealer or is it a non-Subaru authorized mechanic? Your post could be taken either way.

If the former then take it back. If the latter it’s possible you could have voided the warranty on that particular feature of the car by allowing someone outside the chain to work on it.


Thank you. Yes, the repair was done by a Subaru. I only have had the car for 6 mo. and have had a number of problems with the electronics that I bought it for!

I’ll go back and have them try again.

One word–WARRANTY!
If the local dealership continues to be unable to repair it properly, then you need to elevate your complaint to the corporate level. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.

In your owners manual there are contact numbers for corporate . Use them and keep copies of all the service records for your vehicle problems .

You may be able to use the Lemon Law if this problem is not rectified. It takes X number of visits for the same problem and you MUST save copies of the repair orders to back up any claim.

I agree with VDCdriver. I’d give them one more chance and then contact the regional office.

It could also be that since the car is 2019 that things could have changed. Sometimes problems crop up for which there is no easy answer. The bugs have to work their way through the system and could eventually lead to a Tech. Service Bulletin IF there is something abnormal. Of course that doesn’t help you in the short term.