2019 Dodge Charger - Audio conundrum

Had the same issues, I called Dodge Customer Care and raised 9 kinds of hell about the lack of authority a dealer can’t replace radios. I too had pictures, videos etc of the non-stop issue. Updates won’t fix the issue. Radio must be replaced. I demanded the area Dodge service rep contact me and be involved in the replacement of the radio. Rep authorized new radio replacement and have zero issues with replacement.

Squeaky wheel gets the grease good for you for sticking with it. Dealership might be reluctant to replace a radio that wasn’t installed at the factory. Was this particular radio installed at the time the car was manufactured?

You seem to be referring to another post, but we here at Car Talk “Ask Someone Who Owns One” Forum don’t see that post. BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a reply to a post here that says “Yes, I own the exact same make/model/year and have the exact same problem” … lol …

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