2013 Dodge Dart has radio trouble

Many times, I´ll start the car and when I push the radio button, if it doesn´t come on like it should, 1. there´s no radio/time displays (display is blank) and the radio/CD doesn´t play (complete silence) or 2. the time/station may show, but there´s no audio (just very low static on all channels - the CD plays, however). Eventually, the radio does come on, but usually betweeen a few minutes - 1/2 hour. This more often happes when it´s warm out than when it´s cold. I´ve taken it to the dealer, but they havent´t a clue how to fix it. The car runs great otherwise (no problems, 87K mi.) This is a big problem for me as I love my music & talk shows when I drive. Any ideas?

I would suggest an automotive audio shop. Chances are they will have a better unit available than the dealership. Plus you car is long out of warranty.


Do search on google on how to do a hard or soft reset of this radio before trying other fixes . Assume this is one of the U connect radios .

A defective radio is a possibility, but just on the chance that this is another instance of Chrysler TIPM problems, I think that he should see a skilled mechanic before he replaces the radio.