2019 Chevrolet Colorado radio issues

Is anyone having radio issues in the 2019 Chev Colorado. Sounds goes up all on it own, and 1 time the sound blasted all the way up and scared the crap out of me. Took it back to Betley in Salem NH, and they put a new radio in it. I’m getting the same issues. Also the radio goes on every time I start the truck up. Even though it is shut off, when I turn the ignition the radio goes on. I went back to Betley and 4 dealers and 1 manager did not know this, so I took them all outside and we went into 4 different trucks and the Colorado is the only one that does this if it has a 7" screen. Tech support told them to perform a A11 on new radio and it still didn’t fix it. I’m on my second call with the attorney general because this is crazy stuff that no one is willing to fix. Think of the safety if the sound cranks up and I stir the wheel wrong from being scared out of my mind. Betley told me it was my problem.

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Also elevate your problem up the corporate chain. There should be information in your owners manual on the procedure.

I have a question, I was not clear on. Did ALL the other Colorado’s on the lot do this or only yours? I wasn’t clear on the wording of your statement.

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We tried 4 vehicles, and only the Chev Colorado with a 7" screen did this. Not even the Silverado, nor the big Traverse did the radio come on once the truck was started. So out of the 4 tested, 3 of them did not have the radio come back on when started. Funny thing is 3 dealers and 1 manager didn’t even know this truck did this, until I proved it to them. When my dealer went over the truck with me, not once was this brought up.

I just went through the owners manual, looking for anything about the radio going on, when truck started. They is nothing to be found, either in Radio, or Informative System.

What I meant about the owners manual was how to elevate your problem to corporate level. I agree that the radio going to full volume could be a safety issue. You should also check lemon laws in your state. The way I am reading your post is 3 of the trucks did not have this issue. Or all the Colorado’s with the 7 inch screen did, but without the screen did not?

I assume you have a volume control on the steering wheel. If replacing the radio didn’t help, then maybe that volume control is sticking or otherwise acting up.

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Good point.

Nope, no controls on steering wheel. But there is a God. I received a phone call today from my dealership, because I gave this guy a very bad review. I said you didn’t help me and you kept saying there was nothing that could be done, instead of saying lets figure this out. We said our goodbyes and 30 min. later he calls me back with a very easy fix to the radio. I go out and do what he said and it works. After many case #'s and phone calls, worth hours of time, this guy somehow figures it out. I call the manager and he can’t wait to talk with this guy and hopefully train all the others on how this radio works. It has no bells or whistles, just a simple radio. I asked for free over the top floor liners from weather tech for all my heartaches and time. The manager agreed and I can pick them up next week. I was not giving into them

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What was the fix ?


Maybe the fix was to adjust where the catwhisker touched the crystal (Do any of you old timers remember doing this on our radios?)


There’s some service bulletins for the 2018 Colorado that might provide a clue to what’s causing your problem. I suspect it will turn out an electronic module has failed, or requires re-programming. The problem might be that there hasn’t been enough reports of this problem yet, so the solution hasn’t yet been found. You might be able to read the bulletins yourself by Googling the number in ()'s. If not your dealership can probably provide you a copy.

Parts restriction, radio control center stack (PIT5411H)

OnStar Vehicles and Symptom Codes (PIT5236K)

Driver information center (17-NA-290)

George , the OP has had the problem solved but apparently does not want to share it . His last post 5 Hours ago.

Is it not your policy that we do not discuss problems on vehicles that are covered by a factory warranty? “It doesn’t matter if anyone else had this problem, take it to the dealer and have it repaired” is a common response by a certain few.

People want to know how problems are resolved on vehicles that are covered by warranty even if you are not interested, why would you want to know the solution this time?


Curious minds need to know what the solution was. I wonder if removing the memory power fuse for a short period cleared the issue.

I doubt adjusting the cat whisker had anything to do with solution to this issue. That kind of goes along with the tube getter and grid leak biasing. Oh the memories.

Software updates for audio and navigation systems have become common in recent years. For GM vehicles these updates can be sent “over the air” via On Star. The vehicle owner must agree to the terms and conditions before the update is completed.

I think Triedaq and I are on the same wave length (radio pun intended).

OP: “It has no bells or whistles, just a simple radio” and “it has a 7” screen."

I never did get the Cub Scout crystal radio kit, but my first “real” radio was a Heathkit AR-3, and my first transmitter was a converted surplus BC-459 (aka ARC-5).

“Real radio bounces off the sky.”

The fix was for me to go to the settings button, on the radio, press the sound button and I had a choice of 2 options, 1 was to turn the volume down for start up, (it was almost all the way up) by sliding the bar all the way left. I did that, shut off the truck, came back in 5 minutes, turned it back on and the radio did not go on. How easy was that? I went through the manual so many times and this was nowhere there. I told the manager that this was a very important feature to have in the manual. I had 4 open cases with tech support and no one figured this out. And because it was not reported by anyone else I looked like I was the crazy one. 2 weeks of hell and all I had to do was push 2 buttons and move a sound bar. When I do start the truck now I push the radio button on and it shows as muted, but then I turn the volume button and sound comes on. I’ll live with that.


Thank you for sharing your story and the solution.

Did this fix your volume going up? Im literally having the same issue with my 2019 colorado.

Glad you got it resolved, the radio in my 2017 ram comes on when you turn the ignition on but atleast it does not blast it at you it just sits at the volume you last had it on. There are more and more features that are becoming tied into the radio and for these to work the radio needs to come on for them to work, backup camera being one example. You could say it is a computer interface with a radio feature.