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2019 Dodge Challenger - AWD all the time?

The Dash display seems to show almost full time AWD . I had it to dodge but they cant explain it and there is no problem. I am not shore when it is in AWD or not…Can you help to remedies this. Also my gas mileage is 17.5MPG on my six.?

How cold has it been when you noticed it is in AWD? That car has a sensor that enables AWD based on temp.

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Are you asking if that is what your vehicle gets or telling that is what it gets ? Your vehicle is rated at up to ( key words ) 19 city and 30 highway . If that is not good enough for you then you bought the wrong vehicle.

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I have a 2009 Challenger with the 5.7L V8, RWD only. It gets around 22 MPG in mixed driving, though it’s done as well as 26 MPG on the highway.

If I had a 2019 with a V6 getting only 17.5 MPG, I’d be concerned. I can’t speak to the AWD piece, though.

Good luck.

The AWD system in the Charger/Challenger is a bit unusual. It has a front axle disconnect and only engages when certain criteria are met ,wheel slip/spin is detected, the ambient temperature is below 45 degrees and/or the windshield wipers are turned on high. Also the Challenger is a heavyweight, particularly with AWD, and the V6 has it’s work cut out for it moving the car around. So fuel mileage isn’t going to be stellar. The AWD model is rated for 18 City/ 27 Highway. If you live where it’s cold and take mainly short trips around town 17.5 MPG is realistic.

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