Help Identify This Engine

I am looking to purchase a 2018 Charger AWD. Can someone please help me identify what type of engine this is? Thank you very much.

You were able to take a picture why did you not ask the seller what engine the vehicle has ?

5.7 L hemi, I think.

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That is what the seller said. However, it looks more like the 6.4 L from this picture.

It would have that ‘SRT’ badging. This is the 5.7 L without the shroud. Also the 6.4 has the throttle body at an angle, unlike your pic.


How do you tell between 5.7 and V6? Thank you btw.

count the spark plugs (coil packs) or the intake runners.

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Ask the seller where the engine cover is ? Get the VIN and use a web search and you will know every thing you need to know . Frankly , if this is a private sale and they have lost the engine cover who knows what else they may have done to this thing that might be a problem later.

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Looks like a 4.7L V-8 to me, if they still made them in 2018.

I am not positive, but I think all 2018 Chargers with AWD are V6 models. I would double check that it is infact AWD.

Edit: it looks like the police package is available as a V8 and AWD, which might also explain the missing engine cover.

If you look at the emission sticker under the hood, it reflects the engine that came in the vehicle.



As far as I can tell they never put the 4.7 in the Charger, and had stopped making them by 2018, anyway.

Here’s another pic of that 5.7 L hemi:

Specs show the AWD has the V-6 so I suppose my question would be have you actually verified that it’s an AWD model or is that based on what someone said; and which may or may not be true?

The underhood sticker always takes precedence.

It says AWD on the back

Is it unusual the cover is missing? I’m obviously a complete noob with this stuff.

It appears the 5.7 liter Charger was only available with rear wheel drive but this is a police car, an exception to the rule.

That car may not have came with engine dressing, why would a police car have an engine cover?

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“Why would a police car have an engine cover?”

Can you elaborate please?

The plastic engine shroud is there to hide the ugly engine parts and to reduce noise.

@tryingangles Who are you buying this vehicle from ? If it is a police vehicle then it has spent hours idling. Plus it has had equipment removed that may cause electrical problems in the future .

My personal thought would be to pass on this vehicle. And why do you not trust the seller as to the engine size ?