2019 Chevrolet Equinox - Infotainment issues

Radio won’t turn off sometimes and screen goes blank and no back up camera
Doesn’t even have 23,000 miles
Has stalled out when I’ve stopped at a light or in traffic
Seats take forever to heat
AC sucks in the summer
Worse car I’ve ever owned !

Post on www.carcomplaints.com. This forum is for questions, not whining rants. Get rid of it and get something you actually like.


Life is too short to put up with a car you dont like.

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I think you’ll have to go to the dealer for the infotainment issues.

I assume this car is out of warranty and all of these issues started after the warranty expired. Is that correct?

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This might help some of your problems…

19-NA-279 1…13 (nhtsa.gov)

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Suggest to use the forum search feature (upper right, this page) to see what other posters here have to say about the C Equin. Pretty common car mentioned here, and I don’t recall much in the way of discussions about systematic problems. Every car design has top-notch areas, and weak areas, and It may be that its weak areas are exactly the same as the areas you insist be top notch; i.e. C Equinox is not a good fit for you. Suggest to consult Consumer Reports New (or used) Car Guide before making your next purchase.

As long as the stalling problem could be repaired, your car would be fine from my perspective. Neither of my two cars has AC, no seat warmers, no backup cameras, and the only infotainment system is a radio. Maybe that’s the reason I’m a happy camper :slight_smile: … lol …

What for ? She does not like her vehicle so I doubt that she even cares what other people say.

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Have any of the problems been addressed while under warranty?

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