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2015 Chevrolet Equinox - Cuts out

car is missing cutting off when I stop

Is the car still under warranty? Would seem to be close. Even if your just out of warranty, take it into your Chevy dealer. They may offer a “good will” repair for free.

The Equinox 2.4 4 cyl oil consumption problem was supposedly fixed by 2013, but I would check the oil level first.

Your Equinox uses an electronic throttle actuator system to make sure the idle rpm is high enough so the engine doesn’t stall It has flow, pressure, and temperature sensor inputs, among others. One of those inputs may be faulty. An un-metered air leak into the air-induction system could cause this also, and without throwing a code. If the battery has recently been disconnected, that’s another possibility. This car uses a learned idle technique to compensate for gunk in the throttle body, and it forgets what it has learned if the battery has been disconnected. An idle learn procedure may be required.