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2019 Chevrolet Bolt - Infotainment issues

Have you had any fluky behavior from the Info screen. Like:
-Drive a mile before info screen powers-up. .
-Back-up screen stays on driving forward.
-Back-up screen looses guidelines while backing.
-Screen gets double-vision blur and won’t respond to any input and won’t power down when when car turned off for several minutes.
Anything similar? I cant be the only one.
I’m just over 7,000 miles.

That may be that others have this problem but have you contacted the dealer ? You do have a warranty so there is no reason to put up with this problem.

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I just started having the problem. Last week the forward camera was left on for about 5 minutes until the system rebooted. It again rebooted a few minutes later. Then a few days later no infotainment system came up, but the car drove. Problem here was the seat heaters came on automatically because it was cold outside, but the heat is way too much to bear and no way to turn it off. Turned the car on and off several times and still no infotainment. Upon starting this morning it was normal. Will be contacting Chevy. Did they resolve your issue? Any diagnosis of the issue? I am at 38K miles.

Since the cars are new and under warranty, contact a dealer. There may be known issues with known solutions.

Answers to some problems may lie in the owners manuals. Many “features” can be turned on or off, and it’s easy to do something with the controls that has unintended consequences. Someone at the dealer may know just what to do, but there are so many complexities in cars today it’s hard to find anyone as authoritative and thorough as the manual(s.)

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