2019 Chevrolet Colorado radio issues

Yes, it did fix my problem. But the radio is still on, just the sound is all the way down.

Hi all I have the same problem but my radio will not turn off and sometimes the touchscreen dozen work so you can’t change the station then the volume go’s up with static then go’s down. It will not shut off when you shut off the truck and close the doors. It’s been back and they don’t know what to do not happy with it. Any help can work

I well remember building and using crystal radios.

Since the radio has a power button, I don’t think it would be quite the crisis you’re envisioning.

I built a crystal radio kit when I was 8 years old. 1960.

Glad to hear someone else is having radio issues! I have had my truck back to the dealer more then 3 times-they replaced the radio and still having issues! Called Chevy direct-left several messages with a senior advisor-no respond, sent email-no response!! I have video of what the radio does also!!! Not sure where to go from here!!

I have volume issues, screen freezing, blank screen but radio playing or nor screen or radio as well as other problems. Have video of all these issues-they replaced the radio and still having issues!! Contacted dealer again-they called Chevy-no fix-I called Chevy left several messages -no call back even emailed and no response!!
Poor customer service!! Won’t buy another Chevy!!!

The manufacturer’s are tending to use the radio as sort of an integrated control unit rather than just something to use to listen to local radio stations and play mp3 files as you drive to the 7-11 for a Big Gulp. As with anything novel, upsides and downsides. One big downside however is if the radio starts acting up it can be difficult to diagnose and very expensive to replace. If I had my druthers I’d prefer my car radio to just be a radio and nothing else. Then if it stops working there’s likely to be simple work-a-rounds available.

I am having similar issues. Sometimes while driving, volume goes way up for 1-1/2 seconds or so, then returns where it was. Have had screen go completely blank. Usually happens after shifting from reverse. When screen goes blank, backup cam still functions. On one occasion, not completely blank, but more like static similar to back in the day when tv stations would “end the broadcast day”