Alerts & Radio won't come on when weather is cold , truck park outside

My 2015 Colorado alerts & radio won’t come on when weather turns cold, after driving and in side warms up if I stop and shut off truck take out key open door then restart truck everything works fine!

Seems like an awfully complicated way to turn on the radio. Never like the Colorado anyways.

I am guessing it has to do with the solder joints in the radio circuit board. sometimes the solder gets little cracks in it. when it is cold the solder shrinks not making a good connection. once things heat up in the radio the joints expand, and the connection is made again. I had this happen in a f-150 dash

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Iffy batteries can cause symptom that only show up at lower temperatures. Make sure the battery and charging system are working correctly. Does battery measure about 12.6 volts before the first start of the day? It should. Especially if symptom is occurring when battery measures 12.0 volts or less, correct that before presuming other causes. Note that it is possible for the battery voltage to get low enough on a very cold night to confuse the computers, lose various stored parameters. So when you first start the car in the AM, faulty software initialization parameters, weird things occur. But once the battery gets recharged, and car is turned off and back on, parameters get reinitialized to their correct state, and the symptom goes away.

In the way of misery loves company, my tv remote control does this sort of thing too. Has started acting bizarrely now the night-time temperatures are cooler.

Colorado radio problem posts are becoming as frequent as Nissan CVT problems…