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2016 Chevy Volt Premier - Dead infotainment unit

Has anyone had any experience with the Chevy Volt’s infotainment unit suddenly dying? Seems like a common problem.

I have to say, I absolutely love this car, but thank God I bought the extended warranty from Carmax. I’ve had a transmission problem and now this issue with the head unit.

Ryan, I have a 2017 Volt with 36,000 miles. I have not had any problems with the infotainment system. Just one other big repair, fixed under warranty. The Battery energy control module was replaced. It is mounted on top of the big battery and so the battery has to be dropped out of the car to get to it.

Thanks. Unfortunately, this is the second major issue I’ve had with my Volt, the first was a transmission fluid leak. Truth be told, I did know the car was in an accident before I bought it. :roll_eyes: