2019 Buick Encore headrest

2019 buick encore headrest pushes my head so I’m looking down…how can I fix this?

Some headrests can be removed and turned around . Very few dealers will do this or tell you how to do it because of liability concerns . It may be in your manual but did you not notice this on the test drive ?

This is a Google is your friend thing. Put ( turning 2019 Buick headrest around or removing 2019 Buick headrest ) in your search engine and you will find videos showing hoe to do that.

When I first drove the vehicle it was winter…so bundled up with winter attire. The headrest issue was noticed once spring rolled around …been struggling ever since.

Don’t lean forward when you drive.

Cars are designed to have the driver upright or leaning slightly back. Move the seat close enough for you to fully depress the acclerator pedal and adjust the seat and steering wheel so you can just touch your wrist to the top of the steering wheel. I’d bet the headrest won’t be an issue if you sit that way.