2019 Buick Encore headrest issue

Buick Encore, 2019 – Headrests are uncomfortable and push my head forward and down. Causes neck strain and headache if driving for any length of time. Extremely uncomfortable!
In my last Buick Encore (2016) I was able to pull the headrest all the way out, turn it around and insert it again. It still worked and adjusted up and down the same, but the surface was flat/parallel to the seat back, not tilted down and jutting out towards the windshield.
I’m short (5’3") and keep my seat back nearly straight upright, or I can’t see over the dash or to the end of the hood of the car.
But my husband is 6’ tall and even his head was pushed awkwardly forward and down, whether the headrest was raised up or down in any position. The only way he was comfortable was to recline his seat back some, but he could still see well. I couldn’t do that.

Did you not test drive or even set in this thing before you bought it ?

Of course I test drove it. However I assumed I would be able to pop out the headrest and turn it around like I did on my last Buick Encore (2016) once I got home. Having an Encore only 3 years older than the new one, everything about the interior space and design is essentially exactly the same except for the dash features.

But I just got a call from my dealership and they told me there IS a way to pop out the headreast and turn it around… (even though they do not recommend the customer does that).

Here’s the deal- on the headrest there are two plastic discs it raises up and lowers through. one side has the ‘button’ you push that unlocks it so it can be raised or lowered. But on the OTHER side is a tiny hole in that disk and if you insert a stiff wire or a strong paperclip, it will trigger the release and the headrest will pull all the way out. Then it can be turned around. I haven’t tried this yet as it’s blazing hot outside right now. But I’m sure it’s going to work. They tried it successfully in the dealer’s showroom.

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Thanks for the tip. You may help somebody else. Glad you figured out a workaround.

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