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2019 Acura RDX - Break-in oil

Do you still recommend doing a car’s first oil change after 1000 miles? I plan to purchase a new vehicle soon, so I’d like to know what your current thinking is on this subject. The owner’s manuals I’ve seen for newer vehicles usually state something like 12 months or 10,000 miles for the first oil change. I plan to use synthetic oil in the new car, but I’m skeptical of leaving the break-in oil in the engine for the length of time that is being specified by the manufacturers.

Break in oil is no longer used . When you purchase the vehicle the manual will have all of the fluid requirement and the service schedule . You don’t plan to use a certain oil , the type will be listed for you. You can decide to use the severe oil change schedule . Many new vehicles now come with free oil changes for a limited time.

I would recommend using the dealer for service during the warranty period so records will be kept .

No break-in oil anymore. I would change at halfway, or 5000 miles.