New Car and Synthetic Oil


I’ve been doing research on the web about how to break in a new car, and many sites say that I should not use synthetic oil for at least the first 1,500 miles. What is the reason behind this? And should I follow their advice?


Follow manufacturers advice. Owners manual should be clear about this. I have nothing against syntetic oil and I use in my car. But, for warranty purposes, don’t take a chance.


Think about it,you use anything else,or don’t follow the manufactures direction and the car has engine issues
what do you think the Dealer is going to say to you?
No brainer here.


Why would you be changing the oil within the first 1500 miles? Manufacturers universally specify that the factory “break-in” oil should remain in the crankcase for a much longer period than 1500 miles. The exact mileage interval will be mentioned in your Owner’s Manual and/or Maintenance Schedule.

And, if you are referring to any oil that you might have to add in the event of oil burning during the initial break-in period, I would suggest that you use ONLY what is specified in the Owner’s Manual.


Follow manufacturers advice. Owners manual should be clear about this

I like that. Why do you want to do something different than what the professionals that, designed and made the car, tell you is best?


This question was posed to me recently by a friend who bought a new GM pickup. I agree that the first oil should be changed as per the manufacturer’s instructions, usually 4000 miles or so. I recommended to my friend he should go the next oil change as well with non-synthetic, until the rings are well seated. Then switch to synthetic. This avoids oil consumption with synthetic oil, which is thin and extemely slippery. Some cars may not need this procedure and can go to synthetic after the inital break-in period.