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Acura RDX oil change interval

My wife has a 2010 Acura RDX. The car is three month old with 4500 miles. But the service reminder already comes up says the car needs oil change. The car uses synthetic oil. I believe synthetic oil lasts longer because my '08 Saab 9-3 uses synthetic as well and the scheduled oil change interval is 10,000 miles or one year. Does the Acura behave reasonably?

When we were buying the car, the dealer pushed very hard for us to buy a service package which include oil change every 3750 miles. I felt something fishy because it didn’t feel right. Is it possible that the dealer tweaked the car’s computer to shorten the oil change interval? Thanks.

Good luck with your Saab…

Yes. The spirit dragon of the underworld compelled the dealer to change your vehicle’s computer. You must slay the vile dragon’s underling, the salesman, with a claymore sword forged only by the hands of the mighty Zeus himself. Then, and only then, will your vehicle be freed from the dragon’s curse.

In reality, open your glovebox and read your owner’s manual and see what it says for proper oil changing intervals

Three months of stop and go driving in cold weathr can get the oil in your Acura to the point of additive depletion. I would change it as indicated.

The decision by car manufacturers to recommmend 10,000 miles oil changes has little to do with the oil, and much to do with their marketing department. IF your Saab has the EXTENDED DRAIN Mobil 1(not likely), and your driving is mostly highway, it’s safe to go 10,000 miles between changes.

Last summer I rented a GM car (Vauxhall) in England and this car has a 20,000 miles or one year drain interval without specifying synthetic or any special oil!!! I’m still trying to digest that one.

As Caddyman says, “good luck with your Saab’s 10,000 mile oil change interval”; I would automatically cut that in half and sleep well. Especially since repairing a Saab in the future will range from difficult to impossible.

The Acura will indicate the first oil change sooner because it’s in the break-in period, i’m thinking that the future oil changes will probably go longer. The system that runs the maintenance minder is far too complex for a dealer to modify like that in an attempt to sell more oil changes.

I’d change the oil and see how it performs until the next change. At this rate, the Mrs will put on abut 18,000 miles per year. That seems a bit high to be stop-and-go driving. Severe conditions can also be extreme heat and dusty air. If your wife’s daily routine puts the Acura through this ordeal. then the change interval is not surprising.

You MUST follow the recommendations of the computer, or you might void your warranty. No need to overthink this, really.

Your RDX uses an oil life monitor and based oil change interval off engine running parameters from its computer.

Trust it it is very reasonable likely for your driving conditions. I am guessing short trips, in town or in city?

If you drive the Saab in a similar fashion you may consider using the severe interval which is every 5000 miles likely (check owners manual).

Dealer can do nothing to tweak the vehicle just try and extort your wallet. Good for you not to pre buy service. Really not a good move in this economic climate.