2018 Volvo S60 - Low Profile Tire Warranty

low profile tires should I get $1000 5 year warranty. I will be using snow tires5 months of the year.

Exactly what are you asking? Is the 5 year tire warranty $1000? If so, NO. Are the tires $1000 and the warranty is extra?? Again, NO.

But then I almost never recommend extended warranties.

If this 1000.00 warranty is for the wheels the chance that you have to replace all four during the life time of the vehicle is very slim. You can buy four tires for a lot less than 1000.00 . So I suspect you really don’t know what this warranty covers but you don’t need it .

Warranty covers tires and damage to the wheels.

The tires on a new vehicle have a separate warranty which is explained in a brochure that can be found in the glove box . That warranty will be used first so any other is a waste of money.

If you buy your replacement tires at Costco, they include the cost of the Road Hazard Warranty in the price of the tire & installation package, and Costco can almost surely beat the price that you have been quoted for your replacement tires. If you were referring to a Treadwear Warranty, that comes via the tire manufacturer, at no extra cost.

I have to wonder whether the tire salesman who quoted a price of $1,000 for a tire warranty was wearing a mask. After all… isn’t that what many thieves do?


The tire warranty that comes with a new car does not cover road hazard to the tire or wheel. Replacement tires are $200+ each, replacement wheels are generally about $500 each.

I bought a new vehicle last week. Part of the wrap-up o the sale was a spiel for add-ons, including a tire and wheel protection plan for $499 for 5 years. I declined.

I never buy tire or power tool extra warranties. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose but it makes life simpler to just say no all the time and not have to keep track of all these extra warranties.

I also don’t buy extra warranty’s in my experience it is about 50 50 either it quit’s right after the warranty run’s out or last’s many year’s after.

What size tires? If you got optional BIG wheels with TINY sidewalls, you could be in for trouble if you have lots of potholes.

All tire warranties I’ve ever seen are prorated.