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Honda Accord brakes

My 2008 Accord needed rear brakes at 24,900 miles. The pads were identical, on the right and left wheel, showing a lot of wear on one pad and little wear on the other. The front brakes have plenty of pad left. Shouldn’t my brakes hold up better than this?

Essentially the same question came up recently on a 2007 Accord.
Take a look at the thread discussing this situation, and pay particular attention to the last post in the thread, written by Tester, one of our most experienced mechanics.

I like testers answer in the referenced post, but I’m concerned that only one pad on each side wore out. Usually this means that the calipers are not sliding. Since it did this on two wheels, on a new vehicle and at the same time, I’d be looking for a technical service bulletin concerning this and maybe a secret warrantee from Honda.