2018 Toyota Sienna - Help near me

First time for needing a good and honest shop specializing in Toyota brand.
Prefer one within 15 miles.

Within 15 miles of where ? Did it never occur to you to state your location ? Other than the Toyota dealer very few shops limit their self to one brand.

A 2 year old vehicle should have some warranty left. When new it had a 5yr./60k powertrain warranty. Unless it’s something basic like an oil change or brakes I’d just take it to a dealer in case it’s a warranty issue.


The shop on the corner of 38th and Smith Ave. does great work.

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Do you think we can see where you are?

Wherever it is you live, the Toyota dealers in your area are the ones who specialize in servicing Toyota vehicles. You might try asking people you know if they know of any particular shop they have had good experiences using.

EDIT: The immediately next post by @jtsanders states great advice.

Toyota is a common vehicle. Any good shop can do maintenance work for you. Ask everyone you know for a recommendation. Eventually one or two will be mentioned a lot. Try one of those. They can do your repairs if the car is out of warranty. If still under warranty, go to a dealer.

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