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2018 Toyota Sienna - Included Maintenence

Toyota Care plus quotes price of $1700 for 5 year 75K. But I called Toyota service at another place and they said ~$440 for 60K and ~1100 for one that changes all the fluids and cleans throttle something or other. So I assume the $1700 would do the minimal - just check the fluid but not replace trans, and brake, etc. So sound like a bad deal.

One thing I found when buying a Toyota extended warranty is that the dealers all charged different prices. So I shopped them by phone and bought from the lowest priced in my area. By “fax.” I never even went there. You are discussing included maintenance. Your Toyota has the first 2 years included. So another 3 for $1,700 seems a bit steep to this Toyota owner.

My experience with the three Toyota products that I purchased new (2003 4Runner which I still own, 2011 Sienna which we sold to our son, and a 2017 Sienna) is that you probably don’t need an extended warranty. My 2011 and 2017 Sienna came with free oil changes and tire rotation for two years or 24,000 miles. I didn’t see any need for extended warranty or extended care.
I found the price of the oil change at the Toyota dealership competitive with the independent shop that had been doing my work until the independent kept finding things wrong that weren’t wrong and kept trying to sell fuel system flush that was really a wallet flush. I’ve experienced none of this nonsense at the Toyota dealer.

The extended warranties and the Toyota care products are a total waste of money.

Find a good independent to take care of the vehicle if you can’t do it yourself.

This is extended Service to 75K and 5 years - not extended warranty. I am thinking it is too much as it just checks fluids at 60K, So that is a say $440 service and that is the biggest. Then they change oil every 6K and do a bigger 30K one, then each 15K. It might be worth it for say $1000 ? Not sure there is anything extra because it is AWD. I’m trying to decline it. I read somewhere if you do it within 30 days you can. No luck so far, but can probably cancel it and look around of cheaper of same thing.

Stop trying and cancel it. I think you have at least 1 free oil change with the purchase of a new Toyota ( Not sure ) . Look at it this way , with coupons and special sales you can probably spend less as you go.

One thing to consider before you cancel is the convenience factor. If the dealer is in s good location and provides transportation maybe the maintenance contract is worth it. When I was working, time was important. When I could drop my car off and have a ride to work, that was important to me.

The 60,000 mile service includes;

Oil and filter change
Tire rotation
Engine air filter
Cabin air filter
Spark plug replacement

The labor to replace the spark plus is 3.1 hours so the 60K service will be close to $700.

$200+ an hour???..even dealers here in NH (some of the highest rates in the country) don’t charge that much.

And WHY have a dealer replace them. Any competent independent can do for HALF the dealers price.

No, @ $125 per hour, add up the services and parts.

Still extremely expensive. With the exception of rotation of tires (done free by the place I bought my tires at)…I do all other maintenance myself. But taking it to a good independent - I wouldn’t pay half that.

That 60K replacement for spark plugs is odd.
For 2014, 2015, 2016, the Sienna replacement interval, from the Toyota factory schedule, is 120K miles.
Then in 2017 and 2018, the Sienna plug replacement interval changed from 120K to 60K.

Does anyone know why Toyota dropped it in half, (in their online scheduled maintenance schedule)?
The schedule does not distinguish between normal and severe service for this.

The 2017 and newer Sienna has the latest version of the 2GR series engine, the 2GR-FKS with direct fuel injection, the spark plug maintenance for these engines is 60,000 miles.

I owned a 2011 Sienna and now own a 2017 Sienna. The 2017 Sienna gets about 2 mpg better than the 2011, but the 2011 engine and transmission ran more smoothly. I attribute part of this to the fact that the 2011 did not have direct fuel injection and part of this to the fact that the 2017 has an 8 speed transmission as opposed to the 6 speed in the 2011. The 2017 shifts more often. Overall, I liked the 2011 better.

I’ve emailed them a couple times to cancel the 75K 5-year maintenance. They probably want me to come in so they can try their hand at either convincing me to this is good deal or negotiate at a lower price. I saw some place that you have 30 days to cancel the Service Agreement. The first two years are included with the purchase any way. The 60K they do I believe replace spark plugs force by Emissions Control Warranty laws. The 60K service has some features that are only kicked in under Driving while towing, using a car-top carrier or heaving vehicle towing (Replace trans fluid, replace rear differential oil (4wwd), replace transfer case oil (4wd), Tighten nuts and bolts on chassis and body. Of course we won’t qualify for these. So at 60K looks like you get Re-torque drive shaft bold (4wd), re-torque propeller shaft bolt, change the spark plugs and a bunch of air filters. Then they inspect a bunch of stuff.

Your maintenance contract should be with Toyota Financial Services, they can’t force you to drive to the headquarters, review your contract for the correct contact information.

Will you be performing the maintenance yourself? If not did you calculate the cost of the ten service visits by your repair shop?

I like to think the shop I currently manage is a good indy shop.

Oil change full syn $79.95
Tire rotation with oil change $15.00
Air filter, about $20, no labor
Cabin filter, $20, .3 hrs labor $31.50
Spark plugs, parts $140, 3.1 hrs 325.50
Grand total $631.95

Funny thing about the tire rotations. We have quite a few customers who buy their tires at Costco, they offer free tire rotations. Seems about half those people that come in for scheduled service ask that we not rotate the tires so they save money, the other people specifically ask us to do it because they can’t afford a separate trip and an hour wait time to save a few bucks.