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2018 Toyota RAV4 sudden acceleration

Two days ago after giving a ride to my friend and having a coffee with her I arrived home and was parking beside the curb in front of my house. I have retired long time ago and and am enjoying my relaxed life. There is no reason to hurry. I was calm and no reason to be excited. I purchased the car about three months ago.

Because of the curb and a car about 10 feet ahead from my intended parking space I slowed my car down to the maximum, almost to a stop.

Upon reaching the curb I turned the wheel slightly to the left in order to align the car with (parallel to) the curb. There was a car about ten feet in front of my car. I stepped on the accelerator very slightly in order to move the car forward to make some space behind my car for other cars to park. It was around 10 - 11 am. There was no reason at all to step on the accelerator hard to speed.

Suddenly the car sped up and I turn the wheel left to avoid the car in front and again to avoid a streetlight pole and then ran into a house.

When I came to after a short blackout I managed to move out of the car. The damage to the house and my car was heavy. I reported to the insurance. I want to know if I should report to the regulatory agency for vehicle safety in Ontario or Canada.

I hope you’re physically fine

What’s with the short blackout . . . did the airbags deploy, rendering you unconscious?

You might want to consult with your physician . . . run tests to determine if you suffered a concussion