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2018 Toyota RAV4 EV - Unintended Accel

Car launched forward at a stop light causing it to bump the car in front of me. The brakes were ineffective and would not stop the vehicle.

I have a hard time believing that.

What is your question?

I have experienced this myself though I didn’t hit anything. In my case the cause was my left foot was under the edge of the brake pedal.

99+% of the time it’s caused by accidental application of the gas pedal or a jammed floor mat.

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Back in 2008, I was a passenger in my friend’s Accord when we were T-boned by a woman driving a Lexus SUV. I heard her being questioned by the cops after the accident, and she stated “The harder I pressed on the brake, the faster it went”.

The cop softly muttered, “Yeah, that’s what happens when you get those two pedals confused”.

@Paul59 - Toyota didn’t sell a Rav4 EV in 2018, so what is the model?