2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid — battery quandary

I have a 2018 Toyota Hybrid with a nickel battery. I generally keep cars for many years. I am concerned that the battery may give out before I wish to replace the car. I understand that battery replacement would be very expensive. In the event the battery did give out, is it possible that the car can be transformed to run on the existing 4 cylinder gasoline engine only? If so, how would the cost of transformation compare to replacing the EV battery? Thanks for your input. Enjoy reading your column. Jack L. Willman

Dunno about converting it to gas engine only but it shouldn’t be necessary. Owners report that Toyota’s hybrid batteries last for many years. Toyota Hybrid Owners Speak Out on Battery Length and Cost | Torque News


Your idea doesn’t seem practical. Batteries can be rebuilt, they may outlast the other components of your car.

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Replacement battery is less $3,000, Prices have been going down for the last few years.

I’m currently (ha, get it?) driving a 2011 MKZ hybrid, no problem. We get very few questions about failed Toyota hybrid batteries. I wouldn’t worry about it.

Ps-forget about any conversion ideas. If the time comes (big if) just fix the battery, it won’t be that expensive.


You don’t need to worry about a conversion. As the battery fades away, the gas engine just works a bit harder and you use a bit more fuel.

But that won’t happen for a very long time. Toyota has this hybrid thing down pat.