2018 Subaru Forester for a really tall person?

Does anyone who is 6’6" or taller drive a Forester (any year) and do you have comfortable leg and head space?

How many times has the reply here been ( comfort is a personal item and what may be good for one person might not for another ) . Go for a test drive and you will have your answer.

It’s okay to ask opinions here, too. OP doesn’t know what everyone else asks.

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I’m 6’5" with relatively short legs, so I need LOTS of headroom. I have plenty of headroom in our 2007 Forester (no sunroof). So I bet, but don’t know, that the new ones have plenty, too.

I’m only 6ft tall with long legs, the legroom for a taller person than I should be fine but with the sunroof there may not be enough headroom. Might depend on how you adjust the seat though.