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2018 Nissan Titan suspension upgrade suggestions?

I drive mainly on bad Hwys going north ,Hwy 69 trans can Hwy 6 from espanola to manitoulin.All these whys are 2 lanes full of trucks all sizes, main issue every pot hole the truck doesn’t absorb the impact and wonder off to coming traffic, mind you these roads are very tight and poorly kept due to snow ,dealer say every thing is fine, now its my safety and others on line .Looking for suspension upgrade any suggestions ,thanks

Suspension changes are unlikely to do any good on the highway. Don’t let someone sell you something ridiculous. A set of steel wheels with good winter tires will probably improve traction and safety. You’ll feel the difference. If you intend to keep the truck, it costs little in the long run.

I would recommend replacing the shocks with a set from Bilstein. These are high-pressure gas shocks that will provide you with better control on those potholes than the factory shocks. Less than $400 for the set of 4. Installation extra.

I have them on my own truck - not a Titan - and it made a big difference.

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I drive those roads to get to Green Bay through te UP from buffalo and my 2012 Camry has no issues with the roads.
I am not familiar with the ride and handling of a Titan but I see the magazines saying that it has not been upgraded in a long time and suffers in comparison to other pickups.

Do you really need a pickup? If so take a long test drive in all of them next time.

If there were any easy fixes, Nissan probably would have used them to be more competitive.

If your dealer has a 2018 on his lot, take it for a drive and see if it is the same.

Thanks idid explain that to the dealer but the only choices are the same as the ones that came with it it s brand new truck already spent enough on good rims Bridgestone blizzard led light tonneau side bars antenna and heater mats this thing can be addictive so selling is my option I have other cars an d suv

Yes I have new rim and blizzard lt in the city its very smooth

That is wrong. That is the only choice the Nissan dealer wants to sell you. You already spent a bunch of money of rims and tires that the shocks and springs were not designed to handle. No WONder the truck can’t handle potholes.

Plus all the bling on light bars and such. Did the dealer sell you all that stuff or did you go to a truck specialty shop for that? You can buy the Bilsteins from Rockauto and have the dealer or anyone else install them.

Or you can switch back to the lighter, smaller rims and tires Nissan designed the truck to have.


The issue is not the rim since they are the same size same offset as the factory no levelling no lifting snow tires are a must

The truck got a major updating for the 2016 model year. Perhaps you are thinking of the Frontier, which has been largely unchanged since 2005 (which didn’t stop me from buying a 2019 this summer).

How does the weight of the new wheel/tire combo compare to that of the originals? If heavier, the suspension will not negotiate bumps as well as the originals. The truck will feel like it’s being tossed around.

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I can’t tell you but all I know they are alloy wheels the ugly original are very heavy I had to lift them from the back at least 100 lb each size 265 70 18 with general grabber hts

Keep in mind that if your vehicle is still under warranty any suspension change problems or alignment issue will be on you as the warranty will be voided.

If your truck had a factory option of wheels/tires, the ones that work better at highway speeds on bumpy surfaces are the lighter ones - that’s usually a steel wheel with a not-so-wide and not-so-low profile tire. The “upgrade” to wider and lower profile tires on larger rims often carries a weight penalty.

Is more than one size of wheel/tire listed on the tire placard or other info about your vehicle?

Does your truck have the off-road package?

Are the current shocks/struts known to be in good shape? Ball joints, tie rods too? What about the tires? Are they consistent with the tire sizes recommended by Nissan for your vehicle, as posted in the driver’s side door latch area? Make sure to correct anything obviously wrong first, before going down the upgrade route.

How many miles on this near-new truck?

No just regular Joe with 12000 mainly Hwy new blizzak winter tire same size alloy wheels package that way come spring witch comes late in northern Ontario I can swap them my self.i did rent f150 for 3 days fx 4 ecoboost and ram v6 night edition I liked the f150 lots of power,didnt like the cheap ram but to buy a f150 with the convenience package that I have need a 75000 dollars Canadian that is plus. Taxes and extra package so this was a great deal last year floor model with 160000 km warranty bumper to exhaust tip with a v8 coyote no meant for city driving it s big the way it stands no need for lift or big tires ok thanks

The only other option is even bigger and wider 275 65 20 mine is 265 70 18 so yes narrower and slightly bigger wall thanks

No need for a lift. Better shocks are what you need. You may also want to look into softer-riding tires when it comes time for replacing what you have. is a great place to research this.

A lift would make things worse. OP has other vehicles - likely better for this driving environment. This truck seems like a white knuckler on those roads in winter.