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2018 GMC Canyon - No Backup Warning

The back up has no warning system

So? What is your question?

Rear park assist was a $300 option.

OK, so did it quit working - did you buy the truck thinking it had it and it doesn’t - have you asked the dealer - have you looked in the manual . It is hard to reply when people don’t know what to reply to.

“This is the first time deansturtevant has posted — let’s welcome them to our community!”

And what a great first post it is. So the impression I get is… you thought you purchased a vehicle with a back up warning, but the vehicle you purchased does not have a back up warning. Now you’re upset that you assumed it had one. Now you know why people say “assume nothing, verify everything”. Now you have 2 choices.

  1. Install some kind of back up warning.
  2. Drive on as you always have without one.

Either way what’s done is done. Move on.