2017 Nissan Pathfinder - Screen trouble

Display screen goes black, at start up then in five minutes comes on, and sometimes black when driving. Been to the dealer 8 times and no help??? still the same BS

Try a different dealer if there is one in your area.
Elevate your problem up the corporate ladder—there are instructions in your owners manual on the procedure.
Check lemon laws in your state.

Seems to me the unit needs to be replaced.
What is the service department writing on there repair order?

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2017 display screen goes black, when this happens I have no dash controls, no back up camera, no mirror controls etc. been to the dealer a total of 8 times, still not working right. I am fed up with Nissan, and will not lease another one from them.

you might be unhappy with a brand, but you are on the hook with your lease, so unless you want to take a financial hit terminating it early, it is still in your best interest to work the problem out… for example by following the good advice @Purebred gave above