2008 Nissan electronic throttle spontaneous acceleration

On Saturday August 9th 2014 we were sitting at a stoplight when the engine on our 2008 Nissan Frontier suddenly accelerated to red line. I held on the brakes and the tires began to smoke. It finally occurred to me to turn off the key. That stopped the engine. I restarted the engine and we took the truck to the nearest Nissan dealer and told them about the problem and left the truck with them. The service manager said that he had never heard of this problem on a Nissan. Today, Monday August 11th we contacted the dealer and we were told that they couldn’t duplicate the problem and there was nothing they could do. The truck is on extended warranty and they still don’t want to deal with the problem. It seems obvious to us that the accelerator system should be replaced. How can they be so stupid?

It’s not stupidity. They can’t duplicate your complaint. Without that, and the truck passing all of their diagnostic testing, they cannot find anything wrong. This has, unfortunately, been the case with quite a number of unintended acceleration claims. It’s not their fault. They have to be able to determine the a malfunction to fix it under warranty.

sounds stupid to me too. unless they think you are lying, sending you out with a car like that leaves them open to a lawsuit. whatever part or parts are responsible for the acceleration should be replaced, IMO.

after all the deception by car makers of late, I m inclined not to give them the benefit of the doubt, and i assume someone higher up knows about this

Possibly a fault in the Idle Air Control valve, electronic throttle body, or PCM glitch.

Not finding a fault does not mean the mechanics are stupid. It’s easy to assume that every fault has a simple, easy to find cause and that’s simply not reality.

As to extended warranty, a lot could depend on the provider of that warranty. A Nissan backed warranty is more likely to cover problems. Third party warranties other than Nissan can be very, very iffy and may not pay for something even if the cause is not in doubt.

You might read the terms of whatever warranty that you do have and verify whether or not things like the IAC and throttle body are even covered at all. Some do, some don’t.

I did not think the mechanics were stupid. just that allowing her to drive off in a possibly dangerous car was…

I doubt it’s the idle air control valve. Even wide open it wouldn’t provide enough throttle to smoke the tires and red line it with the brakes applied. I do agree with ok4450 that it could be the electronic throttle body or, more likely, a PCM glitch. These new wired throttles scare me.