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2018 Murano Intelligent Cruise Control Error

ICC has begun to fail repeatedly showing an error that “Front Radar Unavailable” - an indication that something is blocking the detector (nothing is). Dealer’s service department tells me this is a problem across all Nissan models lines and they’re working on a fix. No estimate as to how long this fix will take, Meanwhile, ICC cuts out several times a day and will give the error for a few minutes before clearing itself and I can re-engage it. No specific pattern for failure (i.e., sometimes traffic in front of me, sometimes there’s nothing in front of me).

You need to contact Nissan at the corporate level. Perhaps the dealer is correct, and a fix is right around the corner, or perhaps they are BS-ing you. You want to have a complaint on record with the manufacturer. Contact info can be found in your Owner’s Manual.



That’s good advice. I made sure dealer recorded my complaint on service Rreport, but I’ll follow up with direct contact to Nissan.

I would not use the defective ICC until it is repaired by Nissan.


Just to clarify, you made sure the dealer recorded, yada, yada. Does this mean you hold a copy of this complaint and what was done or not done?

Without a paper trail in hand, complaints mean nothing later.