2018 Kia Telluride - I love this car - Not

Whole muffler from stem to stern came off my car with toxic fumes leaking into the car. I bought this car brand new and it was assembled in Mexico. A few years later the car is now only four yrs old the steering column had to be replaced.!! Piece of brand new junk!!

When you shared your feelings about it with the vehicle manufacturer, how did they respond?

I’m sure the “customer service” rep gave some scripted response about how the company cares deeply about the customer, and about selling a quality product…without actually offering to do anything about the problems with the vehicle. You know, like when big companies lay off hundreds or even thousands of employees due to “downsizing” while the corporate PR team gives a pubic statement about how they deeply regret having to do this, how they value their employees and community, etc.

How can we be sure that the OP actually contacted the manufacturer?
He/she could be one of the many people who come to this forum to vent, or to operate on the naïve assumption that we have the ability to come to their assistance.


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The most likely cause a muffler failure at the age of this vehicle is physical damage, which is not covered by warranty. If there was no such damage, it might be covered.

I take it the steering column was replaced at no cost to you.

By the way, what actual model year is your Telluride ? It wasn’t released until late 2019 as a 2020 model.

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So sell it. Life is too short to deal with a car you don’t like.


Interesting seeing the Telluride didnt come out until 2020 !

… or, as NYBo stated, 8 days ago…